Janitorial Services

We offer janitorial services and are able to provide regular scheduled maintenance to buildings regardless of size and scope.

If your company already owns janitorial equipment, we can use yours at a reduced rate. If not, we own and utilize the right products and equipment to get the job done properly.

Janitorial Services


Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces

We’ll clean and sanitize working surfaces, including desks, counters, kitchenettes, phones, keyboards, and more.

Garbage and Recycling Collection

We’ll collect your rubbish, and properly dispose of it.

Carpet Vacuuming

We have industrial-strength vacuums that’ll clean the crud out of your carpets. Seriously, our vacuums are really good, and your carpet will look and feel pristine!

Window Cleaning

We’ll clean interior and exterior windows. Regain your view – relieve your windows of handprints, water spots, or anything else.

Sweeping and Mopping

If you’ve got tile, hardwood, concrete, or linoleum, we’ll sweep and mop it. We make your floors glisten!

Recurring Services

With all of our janitorial services, you can schedule recurring cleaning. If you’d like us to make a clean sweep of the office once a week, that’s perfect. If you want a daily run-through, perfect. We’ll discuss your needs, and find a schedule that works for you!

We also specialize in floor cleaning We use a highly effective technique known as stripping and waxing. Most tiling used in commercial spaces – tiling known as vinyl composite tiling (VCT) – has a finish applied to its surface. We deep clean that surface, stripping off the top layer. Then we’ll reapply sealer and the “wax” coat, or finish. This is the most thorough cleaning method available for vinyl composite tiling.

Additionally, at Metrospec, we perform deep cleaning techniques on ceramic tiles. We use industrial machines that will clean whatever a mop can’t! Please note that residential tiles are generally not the right tiles that may be serviced with our equipment.